High Mast


High mast lighting is the most efficient method of lighting large areas with the minimum number of obstructions.

Galvapole highmast achieved that distinction by continuous improvement, investment and innovation. Our experience is unequalled in the number of high masts we have manufactured and installed over the past 12 years both locally and overseas.

Technical Specification
  • 20 sided polygonal continuously tapered cross section
  • Unique gravitational self-latching and unlatching system
  • Quick raising and lowering system
  • Proven double drum winch and winch motor
  • Heavily reinforced door opening to prevent buckling
  • Anti-vandalism door lock
  • Conforms to Standard:
    Mast design I.L.E. Technical Report 7, CP3
    Material BS EN 10025 S355 / JIS G3101 SS400
    Welding BS 5135
    Galvanizing BS 729 / ISO 1461
  • Height from 15m to 50m
  • Custom-made luminaire fixing bracket to suit customers’ requirements
  • Double luminaire carriage ring
  • Airports
  • Habours
  • Highway
  • Sports ground
  • Parking Lots

Standard design complying to windspeed of 35m/s and max loading of 500kg including mobile ring and brackets.

For customised requirement, please enquire.