The communications industry continues to grow exponentially. Galvapole monopole fabrication line grows along with the latest technology and has been carefully engineered to meet the demanding requirements of the expanding wireless communications tower market.

The Monopoles for telecommunication commonly consists of a main pole shaft with a working platform at the top to cater for the installation and maintenance of microwave dishes and antennae.

Technical Specification
  • 20 sided polygonal continuously tapered cross section
  • Conforms to Standard:
    Mast design I.L.E. Technical Report 7, CP3
    Material BS EN 10025 S355/ JIS G3101 SS400
    Welding BS 5135
    Galvanizing BS 729 / ISO 1461
  • Height from 18m to 45m
  • Custom-made bracket for microwave dishes and antennae
  • Working platform and rest platform
  • Step ladder
  • Camouflage palm
  • Telecommunication
  • 20.0M Height
  • 25.0M Height
  • 30.0M Height
  • 35.0M Height
  • 40.0M Height

Standard design complying to windspeed of 35m/s with 1 level of antenna and Microwave dish.

For customised requirement, please enquire.