Since Galvapole’s establishment in the 1980s, we have grown and innovated our product offerings to provide solutions for a wider range of applications and industries including Telecommunication, Oil & Gas and Security.

Telecommunication – network service providers have been rampantly upgrading the telecommunication network over the past decade to meet demands for better coverage and faster speed. Galvapole has vast experience through collaborations with telecommunication companies in Malaysia and abroad, providing pole solutions to cater for the network expansions.

Oil & Gas – continuously expanding global energy demand has seen the rapid development of oil and gas infrastructures by energy providers. Galvapole has designed and supplied pole solutions in compliance with the stringent requirements of the industry. We have for the past decade been supplying poles to major oil & gas producing companies in the North America, South Asia, Southeastern Asia, Oceania, Middle East, Northern Africa, Southern Africa regions.

Security – the proliferation of CCTV usage both in public and private sector due to the need for better monitoring and security issue has created demand for poles designed specifically to optimize the performance of the CCTV. We work along with CCTV system integrators to ensure a complete and well designed installation taking into consideration all aspects such as CCTV performance, maintenance as well as aesthetic requirements.