Stadium Mast


The stadium masts with fixed headframe for floodlights mounting are usually used for location where high concentration of luminaires is required over a small area.

Technical Specification
  • 20 sided polygonal continuosly tapered cross section
  • Headframe at the top shaft will be tilted 10 degrees for floodlights aiming
  • Fixed platform and service ladder at the top of the shaft for maintenance purpose
  • Maintenance Cage lifts by hoist unit complete with safety brake to reach the fixed platform
  • Conforms to Standard:
    Pole design ILE TR7 / CP3
    Material BS EN 10025 S355/JIS G3101 SS440
    Welding BS 5135
    Galvanizing BS 729 / ISO 1461
  • Height from 30m to 45m
  • Customized headframe design to suit the number of floodlights specified by customer
  • Stadium
  • Sports centre

Standard design complying to windspeed of 35m/s with typical headframe for upto 64 floodlighting fixtures.

For customised requirement, please enquire.